[Review] Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta


A number of the Star Alliance airlines (ANA, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, KLM to name a few) have relocated to Terminal 3 and I’d have to say the lounge this time is way more decent than the ones in Terminal 2.

Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta is located in the international departure wing of the building, close to Gate 5. It’s about 10-15 minute walk after you complete Immigration (quite far), alternatively you can catch the airport’s free shuttle than can drop you off there in less than 5 minutes.

The lounge is accessible for Star Alliance’s first and business class passengers. If you’re not flying premium, you can also reserve access on their website and get in for a 2-hour lounge access at USD 37, or 5-hour lounge access for USD 57. They also have pricing if you just want to go in for the shower facilities for 30 minutes at USD 16.

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I’ve never had a good lounge experience in CGK airport so this was the first that I felt the premium feel when I stepped into the Premium Plaza Lounge.

It should be a given that premium lounges should be located with a tarmac view especially for frequent travelers and aviation geeks who would appreciate the view of airplanes landing and taking off the runways.

The food buffet was nothing extraordinary, but adequate. They serve hot breakfast and a separate bar in the middle of the lounge that serves alcohol and hot beverages.

There are many seating options from single armchair sofas for groups or individual armchairs with ottoman facing the tarmac (which i opted).

There were also a number of private individual working pods.

I’ve always loved being in a lounge where there is very minimal crowd because it gives you privacy and peace.

This is definitely a great lounge option when flying internationally from CGK Terminal 3. Not sure how it would feel when it’s packed with passengers because it’s not exactly a large lounge to begin with.

Hidden “Bay Lounge” can be found on the way to the restroom and shower facilities.

Let’s hope the entire lounge will be well-maintained throughout the years so it won’t end up looking like the premium lounges in CGK Terminal 2.

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  • The lounge is ok. Food selection is meager at best, and buzzing with fruit flies as it sits out. The alcohol selection is extremely limited, only a couple beers and wine. I would not call this a good lounge.

    • Hi Brian,
      Thank you for your input. We think compared to the other lounge in T3, this one is better. But maybe you had a different experience.

      Loyal Hackers

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