Japan Airlines New “Sky Wider” Seat Review


Japan Airlines is Japan’s largest airlines. I got a chance to fly Japan Airlines again when I traveled to the United States last May. I flew from Jakarta to Chicago via Tokyo-Narita.



I booked the flight via and it provided you with many options of flight time or airlines. I chose Japan Airlines (JAL) because of my previous experiences and the price relatively not too bad. Once the ticket was issued, they sent you the flight confirmation number and it allows you to do seat-selection through JAL website.



Nowadays, many international carriers operates out of Terminal 3. I like it here because its spacious, bright, and clean. JAL has a dedicated check-in counter in section C (C1-C6). I did not get a chance to take any pics because I came in pretty late for check in.


Jakarta to Tokyo-Narita


  • Aircraft Boeing 787-9
  • Route Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo-Narita (NRT)
  • Flight Number JL 726
  • Flight Time 7 Hours 8 Minutes
  • Seat Configuration 2-4-2
  • Seat Numbers 52H
Japan Airlines – B787-9



Japan Airlines – B787-9 via Seat Guru

I am very excited to try this aircraft (other than it was relatively new), because they offered a new economy seat called “Sky-Wider”. It looked new and fresh. They provided each seat with comfy small pillow and blanket as well.

“Sky Wider” (52H) in Japan Airlines B787-9

The seat pitch and width were great as well. I did not feel cramped in my seat and felt comfy during the flight. The legroom was very generous for me who is considered pretty tall (181 CM) among other Indonesians.

Legroom in Japan Airlines B787-9

In front of your seat, there is a decent screen for entertainment (MAGIC V) and in the seat pocket there were the usual items (magazines, emergency card, & disposal bags).

In Flight Entertainment

There was a meal service around one hour after we took off (they also gave a bread 2 hours before we landed). Since it was late flight (took off around 10pm WIB), many people preferred to get some sleep. I managed to stay awake most of the flight time by catching up with movies.

Tokyo-Narita to Chicago O’Hare

Japan Airlines B777-300ER



Japan Airlines B777-300ER Seat Map – via Seat Guru


  • Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
  • Route Tokyo-Narita (NRT) to Chicago O’Hare (ORD)
  • Flight Number JL 010
  • Flight Time 12 Hours 28 Minutes
  • Seat Configuration 3-3-3
  • Seat Numbers 27H

Even though it was an older aircraft type, the economy seat was JAL Sky Wider as well. Since I had a positive experience on my previous flight, I am so glad the seat still the same. I managed to do my seat selection right after my ticket was issued. I chose 27H because it was located on the “mini economy section” right behind Premium Economy section and there was a little spot to my left that I can stretch my leg out for this 12 hours flight (which I did not manage to take the pic).

For this 12 hours flight, we had a couple of meal services

First, snack and lunch (around one hour after take-off). Since they ran out the chicken dish, I had to settle with Pasta & Beef Bourguignon. It was delicious and I should have asked for 2nd round 🙂

Second, snack bread (around 5 or 6 hours after take off). It was a cheese bread but it was cold (I did not enjoy it at all).

And lastly, Breakfast (2 hours before landing). This was the highlight! It was one of the best soba noodles. It was el-dente and the chicken was tasty as well. Another food that I should’ve asked for another round.


I really enjoyed both of my flights (JL 726 & JL 010). Even though, Japan Airlines ticket is not the cheapest ticket you are gonna get for CGK-ORD routes, it is still worth the price if you consider the newer plane and seat, great food and service for the entire time. In addition to that, as an AvGeek, I am really happy that I get to enjoy JAL’s B787-9 from CGK-NRT.

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Rivandi Phoeng

An AvGeek who loves watching planes, goes anywhere for the sake of flying a plane

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  • Great review! Going to be flying 777-300ER on JAL later this year myself, so was wondering: Did 27H have full recline? Thanks!

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, 27H in JAL B777-300ER is not fully reclined, it reclines only up to certain degree. But because of its position, you won't have to care about bothering other passenger. In addition to that, you get extra legroom. Hope you have a pleasant experience with JAL. :)

      Loyal Hackers

  • Hello! Was the "proximity" to the bathrooms bad for 27H? Do you have any additional pictures?

    • Hi Gregg,

      The bathroom is literally behind your seat. I was not bothered by any funny smell or did not feel many people were lining up to go the bathroom as well.


      Rivandi Phoeng

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