My Experience in Redeeming OVO points


I’ve been very stubborn about installing OVO on my phone. Even though OVO has a lot of promotions and benefits, I still don’t think that I will use it that much. Not until they collaborate with Tokopedia. Now, every time you get cashback from Tokopedia, it will be transferred directly to OVO points.

Tokocash was one of many reasons I kept buying things from Tokopedia. At first, I was very disappointed but a friend told me that this collaboration is better than Tokocash because now you can use your cashback to buy things from OVO’s merchant partners. Basically, it will now be easier for people to earn OVO points and have more freedom in redeeming it. Because not only can you use it in Tokopedia, but you can also use it in OVO merchants.

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my friends. We had dinner there, one of my friends wanted to have a dessert. So we decided to go to Sour Sally to get frozen yogurt. At that time, Sour Sally was having a promotion, every time you pay with OVO, you will get 30% cashback.

Sour Sally Black Sakura

I ordered one regular frozen yogurt. It was Rp. 50.000,-. I told the cashier that I wanted to pay with my OVO. He asked for my phone number, then I saw a popup notification on the OVO app. He told me to put in the amount that I had to pay. After that, I had to choose the payment method and complete the payment.

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In the payment method menu, there are options for me to choose how to pay the bill, whether using OVO cash or OVO points. Because I had enough OVO points, I chose to redeem my points and got the yogurt for free.

Payment with OVO Points

I loved the whole process, easy and quick. There is no redemption catalog, you can just treat your points as cash, literally. Under one condition, you must redeem it before it expires.

However, I am not fully convinced with this collaboration, yet. But as I am using OVO more, I am starting to see the benefits. Just a few final notes before I finish this article,

  • To earn OVO points, you must pay your bill with OVO. For the earning rates please click here
  • You can also earn OVO points from the cashback promotions, either from OVO merchants or partners
  • Redemption rates: 1 OVO points = Rp. 1,-
  • Must redeem the points before it expires (18 months after earning)
  • You can only redeem your OVO points when your bill is less than your OVO points

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Evelyn Baktiono

Travel Hacker and Points Geek

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  • Actually you can use the "Split" option during payment if your OVO Points are less than the billing amount.

    • Hi Arie,
      Oh, can we? I never knew about it before. How do you do that?

      Thank you.
      Loyal Hackers

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