Review Cathay Pacific B777-300 Narita to Jakarta


In this trip, I’ll review Cathay Pacific B777-300, because I flew Cathay Pacific B777-300 for the first time. I took a roundtrip flight to Japan (via Hongkong) with my family and Here is my review on their Economy Class cabin.


I’ll start this review Cathay Pacific B777-300, from the booking process. I booked these flights through and I needed to find the flight that matches my family flight (since I booked it last minute). Apparently, they provided a great deal with an HSBC credit card, so I got an extra 15% discount.


I did my online check-in two days ahead of my flight since I got the lowest ticket types, so I could pick my seat. When I arrived at Narita Intl Airport, there were a lot of self-check-in and I used one of them to check my baggage in. However, Cathay Pacific did not provide a check-in counter specifically to drop off our baggage (for self-check-in customer). So, we had to follow the long line of economy class just to drop off our baggage. Glad I came early to the airport!

Tokyo-Narita to Hongkong

  • Aircraft: Boeing 777-300
  • Route: Tokyo-Narita (NRT) to Hongkong (HKG)
  • Flight Number: CX 501
  • Flight Time: 4 Hours 44 Minutes
  • Seat Configuration: 3-3-3
  • Seat Numbers: 79G

My first flight was from Narita to Hongkong with B 777-300. Cathay Pacific did not have really a good boarding plan. They boarded passengers by class section only. So, you would line up long enough to get boarded for your flight (another long line!). They need to adopt the Singapore Airlines’ boarding procedure.

When I got on board, you could tell it was going to be hectic for the flight attendant. There were no empty seats in the Economy class section. Could you imagine how busy the galley? I finally settled in my seat and I was surprised that they did not provide any blanket or pillow in your personal seat. The FA distributed after all passengers were seated.

Their entertainment system was great and it was better compared to the older version of their fleet (you will see the pic down under for my other flight). In the seat pocket, there were the usual items such as disposal bags, headset, and magazines. I liked the little pocket section just below the entertainment TV. You could keep your phone or glasses and folded it back so it won’t be scattered around your seat.

1 hour after we took off, the FA started their meal service. First, we got drinks and a bag of peanuts. Then, they started serving us the full meal. Even though it was a full flight, the FAs managed to serve all passengers attentively. I felt there was no rush and I enjoyed my food as well.

Hongkong – Jakarta

  • Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
  • Route: Hongkong (HKG) to Jakarta (CGK)
  • Flight Number: CX 797
  • Flight Time: 4 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Seat Configuration: 3-3-3
  • Seat Numbers: 71C

After I explored the Hongkong Airport (for almost 4hrs!), I am ready to fly my final flight to Jakarta. As you could tell at the boarding gate, it was going to be a full flight. Again, I had to line up all the way back for the boarding process.

Once I boarded the flight, I was disappointed because I thought it was going to be the new economy chair. Instead, we had the old generation version. When I got to my seat, I saw a pillow and a blanket! It was not very sure why they did not provide those for the other flight.

The TV was very different and pretty old. I liked the other version much better. But, one thing did not change their services. It did not change one bit from the other flight. Their FAs were very helpful and attentive. They made sure all passengers were comfortable during the flight.


I enjoyed both of my flights. Their services leave me a good impression and wanting to come back to fly with them again. However, they need to improve their boarding process and their check-in service so it will become more efficient. Even though it was not the best option to fly to Japan, but I was glad to finally try out Cathay Pacific.

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